Body building, the natural way!

8 January 2016


Nigel Wilkie, has worked for Jaffray Care for almost 14 years, which is a testimony in itself into what a wonderful company Jaffray is!
Nigel works directly with Service users at our Supported Living accommodation, plus on a part time basis with the Estates Team at Jaffray Care.
In his spare time he likes to visit the gym. He also likes taking part in natural (not drug assisted) body building competitions. The main reason for doing so is because of obvious health benefits that go hand in hand with training and diet. By setting competition goals, this provides Nigel with a source of motivation to train hard and stay on track with diet.
It takes a lot of dedication and discipline to be able to get his body into the kind of shape that is required in order to compete at the British finals. Nigel has to date, achieved 6th place in Britain in the lightweight (under 70 kg) class. Jaffray staff and colleagues have always been very supportive and understanding when it comes to Nigel achieving his personal goals.

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