Tattoo journey

5 March 2024

One of our service users has always wanted a tattoo and wanted to share with all his friends at Jaffray his tattoo journey.

G always wanted a tattoo but never had the support to get one done. So together with Susanne, his support worker he spent over a month looking at and resourcing lots of designs, patterns and tattoo artists.  They watched YouTube and TikTok videos of people getting tattoos and asking individuals about their experiences.

Finally G chose an artist called Jamie who is a big advocate for the LGBTQ plus community and really made him feel totally at ease.

G wanted to show everyone his chosen design and is already planning his next ink adventure.

Everyone at Jaffray believes in supporting people to live the best life possible and to try and achieve their dreams. From tattoos to cruising abroad to flying in an airplane or watching your favourite football team we have done them all!

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