Our work

Personalised Care

Following the Jaffray Care personalised and individual approach to client care, a specific care plan is designed for each of our service users, depending on their individual needs, preferences and learning objectives.

Person centred plans may include clinical and theraputic interventions and include day-to-day life skills such as cooking, shopping and cleaning. It extends to development skills such as singing, dancing, horse riding and other recreational and vocational activities.

We have the skills, knowledge and resources to provide for the individual requirements of our service users within the local community in which they live.


Self Advocacy Group

Jaffray Care has an established self advocacy group, with representatives from each project, enabling and supporting people with a learning disability to speak up and make decisions about things that are important to them.

Jaffray knows the importance of having your voice heard. That is why we support people to develop the skills, confidence and knowledge they need to speak out about the things that matter to them.