Our Work

Make a referral

Referrals to Jaffray Care can be made by Local Authority Social Care Services, and health care professionals such as Consultants, GPs , Advocates and District Nurses.

We also take self referrals from families or people who need our service.

Our service user needs range from the most straightforward to the most complex. We are a charity here to support those in need.
We have various different care pathways ranging from supported living services , supporting  people who live in their own home, a home they share with one or two other people or small residential registered care homes. Our emphasis is on person centred care, positive behaviour support and promoting independence.

We also recognise that there is an increasing demand to provide  excellent quality healthcare to those who have complex health care needs, end of life needs and dementia. Nursing care is an integral part of what we do to safeguard the health and well being of those who use services. We have an excellent skill mix of qualified nurses who will be happy to assess and  put forward a proposed care package based on individual need.