Our Story

Who We Are


Jaffray Care works in partnership with people with various abilities and health care needs to ensure they receive a personalised, needs led, support service which is evidence based, outcome driven and promotes rights, independence, choice and inclusion.


We Are Inclusive

People are at the heart of everything we do


We Are a Challenging Organisation

When we see things that aren’t fair, we will campaign with other organisations until we see real change


We See The Person

In our interactions with people with a disability, we consider all of the qualities and characteristics that make them distinctive and unique, not only their impairment or condition


We Set No Limits on Potential

Every person has the right to live their life and work towards their goals without being limited by other people’s expectations or prejudices. We never set limits on a person’s potential


We Are Caring

We treat everyone with respect, dignity and kindness


We Believe in Freedom to Choose

Every person with disabilities should have the right to exercise choice and control over all of the decisions that shape their future, including the products, services and support programmes they use


We Believe in Independence and Inclusion

All service developments designed to support disabled people should enable them to become increasingly independent and to live their lives within the community of their choice


We Believe in Everyday Life Equality

We believe that all disabled people should have the same opportunity to education, work, building a home and social life, and access to any location or venue that other people in our society enjoy

What can you do?

Help support our care

Donations are incredibly important to Jaffray Care.
 There are lots of ways you can lend your support and the amazing kindness and generosity of people like you makes our work possible.

Our objectives

The objective of Jaffray Care is to care for service users today, to enable them to progress in the future.
Therefore, everything we do is geared to thinking ahead and employing ideas and techniques that are not short-term but very much geared to creating better opportunities for tomorrow. By involving service users, representatives, relatives and carers, we can determine a personal care programme to meet needs of each individual.

Jaffray Care believes that people with developmental disabilities have a right to live in ordinary homes in the community: independently, in their family home, in sheltered accommodation or in a staffed residential facility sharing the rights, facilities and privileges of society.

Our Aims



Maintain the privacy, dignity and individuality of each resident



Provide suitable recreation for each resident, welcoming and encouraging family and friends to participate in the homes’ activities



Create a caring and homely atmosphere where the resident feels needed and is able to give a meaningful contribution to their extended family



Encourage personal growth, skills development, work related training and leisure interests via our integrated residential and day care package